Pounds Away of West Virginia

A Typical Visit

Pounds Away of West Virginia is located at 3705 Teays Valley Road, Suite 200, Hurricane, WV. (on the second floor of the Generations Physical Therapy Building Building ) We make visiting Pounds Away as easy and fast as possible.

  • We have open scheduling so there is no need to call for an appointment.
  • A patient comes up to our check in window and signs in. If you are a new patient, we will have you fill out a short medical history and you will be given a book on our program.
  • Next our nurse will get your current weight, blood pressure and pulse.
  • The doctor will come in and go over your medical history with you and decide if you qualify for our program. He will explain the program, medications and any possible side effects to you.
  • The consultation with the doctor is FREE. If, for any reason, he cannot allow you to take the medication, there is no charge. If you decide, after the consultation, you do not want to do our program, it is still FREE.
  • If you decide to do the program, the nurse will then bring your medications to you in your room and answer any questions you may have.
  • After that, you just pay at the check out window and you’re on your way.

There are no contracts to sign.

Check out or FAQ page for some common questions and answers./forex trading strategies

Pounds Away of West Virginia