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with our comprehensive Pounds Away program we'll show you how to rid yourself of unwanted pounds and keep them off for good!

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  • Tuesday May 18th (4:30pm-7:15pm)
  • Wednesday May 19th (10am-1pm)
  • Thursdays –  CLOSED
  • Open Saturday May 29th  (10am-1pm)
  • New medications available

Welcome to Pounds Away

Beginning July 18,  2020

ALL Patients will be required

to wear face masks when in our office.


New Patients will be seen on our open

Tuesdays & Saturdays ONLY

UPDATE ( 5/14/2021 )  [We will be CLOSED on all Thursdays]

Effective April 6th we will be open  Tuesday & Wednesday of each week.  Tuesdays are for new & prior patients and Wednesdays are for prior patients ONLY.

We do request when you come for your appointment please try and come alone

and we require you to wear a mask for your safety and the safety of our staff.

 We will  open again :

Tuesday, May 18th     –     4:30pm-7:15pm

Wednesday, May 19th     –     10am-1pm

Tuesday, May 25th     –     4:30pm-7:15pm

Wednesday, May 26th     –     10am-1pm

Saturday, May 29th     –     10am-1pm

Tuesday, June 1st     –     4:30pm-7:15pm

Wednesday, June 2nd     –     10am-1pm

Tuesday, June 8th     –     4:30pm-7:15pm

Wednesday, June 9th     –     10am-1pm

Tuesday, June 15th     –     4:30pm-7:15pm

Wednesday, June 16th     –     10am-1pm

Tuesday, June 22nd     –     4:30pm-7:15pm

Wednesday, June 23rd     –     10am-1pm

Saturday, June 26th     –     10am-1pm

Tuesday, June 29th     –     4:30pm-7:15pm

Wednesday, June 30th     –     10am-1pm


OR CALL 304-397-4400 Monday thru Friday between 9am & 6pm for more information.

Please call before coming into our office as the schedule is subject to change.


The management and staff of Pounds Away of West Virginia  would like you to learn about our diet plans. Come meet our staff of professionals, who will help you lose those unwanted pounds and keep those pounds off for good!

Pounds Away is a weight loss clinic whose purpose is to help you create changes in your lifestyle that will help you look better and feel better about yourself. Pounds Away promotes wellness for you by helping you choose a program to eat less, exercise moderately and control your weight.

It is the philosophy of Pounds Away that every individual will be treated as a unique individual in assessing the appropriateness of ethical diet therapy.

Our Comprehensive Program includes:

  • Face-to-face
    visits with a physician during each visit
  • Pertinent
    medical history, physical & clinical review
  • Medications
    (drug therapy), if you meet our guide lines
  • Body
    mass composition (includes body fat analysis -% body fat, etc.)
  • Nutrition,
    diet & exercise consultation

With the Pounds Away program you will learn:

  • How to modify your eating behavior
  • The truth about dieting and what to eat, what not to eat and what mistakes dieters make
  • How to keep from reaching a plateau so quickly
  • What minimum exercise goals must be reached
  • What maintenance program is available

Prices start at $90.00 per visit, per month, depending upon which medication you need. (Phentermine, Phendimetrizine & Others. )

Pounds Away of West Virginia